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Family Law

Indiana "Family Law" encompasses a broad range of litigation needs, from a simple non-contested divorce to complex multi-jurisdictional post-dissolution modifications.


Divorce and the issues that accompany dissolving a marriage are always unique, as unique as our clients. No two families or marriages are the same and severing that link can be an emotional and sometimes painful event. We believe that conflict resolution should be the number one. (read more)


When a child is born outside of marriage in Indiana, many parents have questions regarding their rights and responsibilities. Whether you are living with the other party or not, there are steps that should be taken to ensure that you have a say in what happens. (read more)

Custody, Parenting Time (Visitation), Child Support and Emancipation

Many divorce and all paternity cases involve Children. The unique facts and situation of each client as well those of their ex-partner will impact how much time each parent spends with the child(ren) and where they live, how much child support will be and to whom, (read more)

Juvenile Delinquency

At times, youth have issues with the law. Sometimes these are minor and easily dealt with. Other times it is more serious and can lead to serious consequences. If charges are filed against your child, there are a number of decisions that need to be made fast. (read more)

Child in Need of Service

Child in Need of Services (CHINS) cases are in many respects the most unusual cases that a parent can be involved in. While they are civil cases, there are severe consequences, including the termination of a parents rights, that can result. The cases are filed against the child's parents or guardians alleging some action or inaction on the part of the parents that negatively impacts the child. The child can be removed from the home and parents required (read more)


Our firm has extensive experience in both advocating for adoptive parents who want to complete their family as well as representing birth parents who do not consent to their child being adopted. Your rights as a parent are fundamental rights that cannot be taken away without your consent or a Court finding that your consent is not required. (read more)


Mediation is a process where the parties (individually or with their attorneys) sit down with a neutral third party to attempt to resolve their issues without the need for the Court to have a hearing and issue an Order. Mediation can be done at almost any time including before one party files in the Court. It is many times Ordered by the Court in high conflict cases. (read more)


Appeals involves asking for a panel of Judges (Appellate Court or Indiana Supreme Court) to review of a decision made by the trial court. Appeals can be costly so knowing your chances of success is critical in determining whether to proceed with an appeal. (read more)

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