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Divorce and the issues that accompany dissolving a marriage are always unique, as unique as our clients. To Trenna S. Parker, there is no standard "run of the mill divorce." Most people never contemplate getting a divorce at the time they get married. Severing that link can be an emotional and sometimes painful event. We believe that conflict resolution should be the number one priority of the case in order to help reduce the negative effects of separation on the parties as well as their family members.

In addition to a final division of assets and debts accumulated during the marriage, the process of dissolving a marriage can involve Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Emancipation, Spousal Maintenance, valuation of real, personal and/or business property, dissipation of assets, name changes, tax filings, college expenses and more. Generally this involves breaking the process of dissolution up into smaller, manageable parts including preliminary agreements or court orders on the rights and responsibilities of the parties during the dependency of the proceedings.

Further, both Hamilton County and the State of Indiana have rules governing not only who can file for divorce, but what you have to do to get divorced and when you can finalize your divorce. Each part of the process is a collaborative effort between the client and attorney to achieve the most desirable outcome with the least expense and conflict as possible.

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