Guardianship involves the establishment of a legal relationship where someone (the "Guardian") is appointed by the Courts to essentially "take care of" another person (the "ward").  While this statement is an oversimplification of the actual relationship, it gives the basic nuts and bolts.  The key word here is "legal" relationship.  Most parents automatically have a "legal" relationship to provide for their children. By virtue of being a parent you have the right to seek medical care on the child's behalf, to enroll them in school and many other things. However, once a child reaches the age of 18, they are considered adults, even if they have mental or physical impairments that requires a caregiver.  Further, there is no legal relationship automatically established once your parent reaches the age where they need assistance in making financial and/or medical decisions.  Guardianship can help in these situations.

Also, in the case of children, there are times when someone other than a parent needs to be able to step in and provide a home, food, shelter and other financial benefits.  In addition, the children must be enrolled in school and they must be able to access medical and dental care.  A guardianship allows this third person to step in and assume the parental responsibilities without terminating the biological parents rights to the child.

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