Juvenile Delinquency

Ask most people and they wouldn't say that Juvenile Delinquency falls under the Family Law umbrella, but it does. The reason is that the Juvenile Delinquency code is based upon rehabilitating the Juvenile in the most family like setting. Most times, the Juvenile will remain in the home of the parent or guardian. However, there are times when a offense may warrant the Juvenile's placement at a Juvenile Detention Facility. There are statutory time limits that the State has to comply with in prosecuting a Juvenile. Most importantly, while there are statute based alternatives that the Court can order called "Dispositional Alternatives" there are no "sentencing guidelines" for an offense. Each child's case is tailored to the child and his family situation.

A Juvenile facing a Juvenile Delinquency charge and his or her parent should be aware of not only what the charges against the Juvenile are, but the consequences to admitting or denying guilt. Additionally, the Juvenile and the parent/guardian should know:

  • Statutory timeframes that the State has to act at each stage of the proceedings; 
  • The Juvenile's rights and the Dispositional Alternatives the Judge can Order;
  • Whether the Juvenile's case is eligible for the State to seek a "waiver" for the Juvenile to be tried as an adult in adult court;
  • Are there any other options to resolving the charges without a trial or court hearing?

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