Family Mediation

Increasingly, couples who are facing family issues are choosing to enter mediation to resolve their problems. Our courts generally encourage this path, and in some cases mediation may be court-ordered. Trenna S. Parker Law Office, P.C. is an outstanding resource if you are looking for a highly qualified registered mediator or weighing your range of options for addressing a difficult family law matter.

There are many excellent reasons to consider family law mediation, whether prior to filing or prior to a court hearing. Some of the key benefits are: 

  • Divorce litigation is almost always far more costly than what litigants are prepared for at times even swallowing up most if not all assets of the parties.
  • Letting a Judge determine the outcome of your case can lead to outcomes that are damaging and difficult to sustain.
  • Mediation allows both parties to present their positions and objectives openly, in their own words, in a much less restrictive environment than a courtroom.
  • Family members maintain control of decisions with tremendous impact on the family, including child custody and parenting time, rather than putting these decisions in the hands of a judge.

Ultimately, the flexibility of mediation to allow creative compromises and solutions can set the stage for better long-term communication and co-parenting, minimizing the likelihood that serious conflict will arise later on.

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