When a child is born outside of marriage in Indiana, many parents have questions regarding their rights and responsibilities. Whether you are living with the other party or not, there are steps that should be taken to ensure that you have a say in what happens. At our offices, we believe that the best course is to seek legal advice prior to the baby’s birth. Questions such as such as, how do I make sure I can have access to my child, when does child support start and who gets to claim the child on taxes always arise and are usually best addressed first.

Sometimes, however, that is not possible to seek legal counsel prior to a baby’s birth and you may be faced with making tough decisions in a short period of time such as, should I sign a Putuative Father Affidavit if I’m not 100% certain the child is mine, and if I don’t sign what can happen? What does Legal custody mean?

The consequences of establishing paternity or not establishing paternity can be significant and you should know what your rights are as a parent.

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